Automate Customer Journey


Our client is one of the biggest retailer in Europe, with over $8.32 billion in revenues. Client wanted to rapidly build a customer communications platform to improve stickiness and boost revenue. With increase in online channels, it was also becoming important to create an advanced recommendation engine to support marketers with increased customer expectations.


To achieve the goals, it was identified to build a centralized marketing governance platform, which would implement set of marketing processes & analytical models in place to regulate more than 20 million targeted consumer communications, thus improving conversion rate by 15%.

An integrated marketing management platform was implemented with SAS CI & SAS MOM. The solution is comprised of 3 main parts:

  • Planning & execution:

A centralised platform for marketers to plan, define consumer offers, campaigns & run approval cycles, while utilising the power of analytics from historical data. A back n forth process, which would help marketers identify the best customer segments to target, best offers to utilise and define KPI's to evaluate them.

  • Automated Customer Targeting:

Highly automated analytical models were built, which will rapidly segment consumer base into various buckets based on their buying patterns, historical data, analytical customer scoring & contact preference.

An Omni-channel approach was adopted to define contactable channels and linking offers with them. This enabled us to create pro-active customer journeys and ensuring consumers get right offers at the right time and at the right channel.

  • Customer Journey Optimisation:

The platform is also able to identify where the customers are in the customer journey, optimises the interaction and comes up with the next best offer, on the right channel using a realtime recommendation engine.