Automate Brand Compliance


Our client is one of the biggest biotechnology company, with a global presence it has an annual revenue of $15 billion. As a manufacturer of specialised chemical products, the client is working in a highly regulatory market, where they have to constantly adhere to a series of compliances & disclaimers for packaging, transportation, marketing & sales collaterals. With localisation and a distributed marketing requirement, the organisation was dealing with multitude of challenges:

  • Delayed go to market, due to lack of automation & errors
  • Regular compliance claims due to manual errors
  • High cost of localised packaging & transportation of over 2000 products
  • Non-adherence to brand identity
  • High cost of localisation & distribution of marketing & sales collaterals

It was identified that by building an automated brand management system, the client will save more than $10 million every year, with added benefits of faster go to market & higher adherence to brand compliance.

Saving more than $10 million annually!
Saving more than $10 million annually!


Client partnered with SpeedIT to design & deploy a highly sophisticated platform, keeping long term requirements & organisational structure in mind. The solution designed, was first of its kind Automated Brand Compliance system, which allowed business users to just identify parameters like brand, region, language, packaging type, transportation mode, marketing collateral type & similar, following this, the system uses a highly sophisticated taxonomy structure to automatically build print ready collateral set which are directly sent to pre-defined vendors for printing/ packaging. 

The solution thus designed had four core components, with first of its kind Taxonomy based automation:

  • PIM: A centralised product information repository, full with product descriptions, regulatory clauses, claims, disclaimers & compliance norms. This platform was integrated with all the other ERP platforms, making this a truly single point of truth.
  • DAM: A centralised digital repository, that would store all graphical and brand content designed & developed by creative agencies. 
  • Taxonomy Engine: An engine, which contains the logic behind all compliance norms, brand, regulatory disclaimers and more. The taxonomy engine is able to automatically identify the right set of content, graphics, logos, disclaimers & claims that should be placed on the material being developed. The engine is fast and able to automatically identify content on a realtime basis. 
  • Artwork Producer & Workflows: A template based customisation platform, which is flexible enough for end users to make localised changes but stubborn enough to ensure the creativity doesn't overpower compliance norms. 

The solution was developed over SAS Marketing Operations Management & Chili Publish.


Today a well-defined structured product information platform, a DAM, approvals workflows, with tightly defined taxonomy rules; automatically ensures:

  • Adherence to over 200 compliance norms
  • 55% reduction in compliance claims
  • 99% accuracy towards compliance norms & regulatory norms
  • Adherence to Brand identity, like brand logos, colours, their positions & similar
  • Localisation for distributed marketing approach
  • Collaboration between 3000+ users globally.