About SpeedIT Consulting

SpeedIT Consulting team brings to table, their years of experience and expertise in designing and implementing enterprise solutions. We have been working with Fortune 2000 companies in Europe, North America and Asia to enhance their consumer experience. Backed with a rich history of working with marketing departments in diverse industries like Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Automobile, Retail, CPG, Apparel, etc., SpeedIT Consulting team brings domain expertise to help organizations craft personalised customer journey and improve overall customer experience.

Our Leadership

Prashant Gupta

Director | SpeedIT Consulting

Prashant received his MBA in 2010 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay with major in Marketing and minor in IT Systems. Since then, he has been consulted by Fortune 2000 organizations, helping them revamp their marketing strategy by leveraging the advances in technology.

He blends strong domain expertise with a distinctive command in analytics. Consequently, he is in a unique position to design compelling marketing strategy for global organizations, tailored for their specific market conditions, and geared towards meeting their medium-to-long term business objectives.

Prior to co-founding SpeedIT Consulting, Prashant used to work with SAS Institute, based out of their Headquaters in North Carolina, in the capacity of Solutions Architect.

Who We Are?

Ex-SAS with over 50 years of combined experience in generating value from data with SAS platforms

Corporate Consultants who have vast experience of designing next generation marketing platforms and implementing processes for companies like Drogerie Markt, Rewe, Ned Bank, ABSA and so on.

UI/UX Designers who understands consumer behavior and expectations today. They are the young with lots of experience in building user experience of today's age.

Software Engineers who don't like developing a simple web site, they are always hungry for a challenging solution to develop. Someone asked for AI Bots? Or NLP? Or IOT?

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