SpeedIT collectively has more than 50 years of experience in implementing SAS platforms in geographies ranging from Europe, Africa and APAC

With power of SAS products, SpeedIT can help deliver highly individualised, value oriented customer journey in an omni-channel marketing environment.

Customer Profiling & Insights: We work with marketers to build deep consumer insights, using analytical models, thus creating a birds eye view for every customer. Together with years of domain experience, we build various customer profiles to better understand your current & future customers.

Data Driven Marketing Processes: We bring best practices from across the organisations to build lean marketing processes, providing the power of predictive analytics at every turn, helping you to deliver compelling stories faster, track the entire execution & evaluate performance.

Customer Journey: With CI 360, we work with customers to create streamlined customer journeys, helping marketers craft compelling customer experience tailored to every individual. 

Successful Experiments: We find this the most important step, to go beyond the market expectations, we run various data driven experiments, learn from them and improve the overall processes to create better customer experience. 

Stuff We Deliver

SAS CI 360

Infuse marketing decisions with deep customer insights. Create highly individualised, timed & value oriented customer journey


Manage all your marketing operations more efficiently & effectively than ever before - strategy, planning, ROI, messaging digital assets and beyond

SAS CI Suite

Use data, analytics and insights on prospects and customers to create relevant, individualized experiences in real time

SAS CI 360

Create a highly individualised, timed and value oriented customer journey

Infuse your marketing decisions with unprecedented customer insights. Customer-level digital data merged with traditional data sources yields a 360-degree customer view. Imbedded predictive marketing analytics engenders a deeper customer understanding. Engage with customers contextually across inbound and outbound channels. And craft compelling customer experiences tailored to each unique customer's journey.

There are three areas of the product where we work with marketers:

  • SAS 360 Plan
  • SAS 360 Engage
  • SAS 360 Discover


Manage all your marketing operations more efficiently & effectively than ever before

MOM/MRM solution is an enterprise platform to manage various aspects of marketing in an integrated manner. The solution includes deep capabilities for campaign planning, financial management, distributed marketing, collateral management, standardized workflows, brand management, segmentations, targeting & so on. Smartly designed marketing processes on MOM/MRM platforms can completely transform marketing for big organizations. Here is a list of top 10 benefits of using MOM/MRM:

  • Common platform across brands and regions
  • Automate and streamline marketing processes
  • Gain visibility into spending and performance
  • Insights into past ROI
  • Align global spending with corporate objectives
  • Standardize and streamline processes
  • Manage channel communication
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce time to market

SAS Customer Intelligence

Smart marketing strategies powered by predictive analytics and machine learning.

SAS Customer Intelligence
SAS Customer Intelligence

Implement more sophisticated analytics - such as machine learning - to gain insights from data, understand customer preferences and drive marketing ROI. Identify, track, serve and retain customers, even when they're on multiple devices. Manage marketing programs from start to finish. With SAS®, you can:

  • Boost customer loyalty. Understanding who your prospects and customers are means you can better meet their needs, leading to higher levels of satisfaction. And satisfied customers are loyal customers.
  • Streamline marketing efforts. By working more efficiently, you can minimize costs and maximize resources to drive growth and profitability.
  • Stay competitive. Developing new and unique value for customers helps you differentiate your customer experiences - and establish an edge over the competition.